Netflix India – Money Heist – The Professor’s Plan for Mumbai

We brought to life ‘The Professor’s Plan for Mumbai’, a film that was launched amidst the COVID wave. The main objective was to serve as a reminder to people that the virus is still present, aiming to highlight the growing carelessness regarding mask-wearing. The film portrayed individuals in public spaces who were seen neglecting the use of masks, either not carrying them at all or wearing them improperly.

Our intention was to capitalize on the popularity and relevance of local nuances, crafting an on-ground activation that could truly make an impact on the audience. The video was captured in different locations across Mumbai, featuring the rhythmic beats of the iconic Money Heist title track ‘Bella Ciao’, played by an Indian band. Through this creative approach, we aimed to convey a powerful message: “The battle is not yet won, so please continue wearing your masks.”


To drive awareness about the importance of wearing masks at all times