Coinswitch Kuber – Interactive Crossword Ad

CoinSwitch Kuber successfully educated and empowered Indians about cryptocurrency as an emerging investment asset class in India through a highly impactful campaign. The innovative and unique print ad, featuring a scannable and playable crossword puzzle, captured the attention of the audience and delivered exceptional results.

By leveraging the long-standing popularity of crosswords in newspapers, the campaign effectively engaged readers while imparting valuable knowledge about cryptocurrency. The interactive and enjoyable format made learning about this complex subject accessible and enjoyable.

The campaign not only captivated the audience but also encouraged them to dive deeper into research and take informed investment decisions. The crossword served as a gateway to further exploration, seamlessly combining entertainment and education.

The integration of functionality into the design was a key highlight of the campaign. The crossword ingeniously doubled as a QR code, allowing readers to scan and access additional resources, enhancing their understanding of cryptocurrency.

CoinSwitch Kuber’s campaign left a lasting impact, as it successfully educated, engaged, and guided individuals towards digital investment platforms. By adopting a strategic and creative approach, the campaign achieved significant success in raising awareness and promoting informed decision-making.

Overall, the campaign’s success can be attributed to its ability to effectively educate, engage, and inspire action, establishing CoinSwitch Kuber as a trusted source for cryptocurrency investment information in India


To raise awareness of investing in Crypto

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