I do talks, consult, collaborate with companies and individuals


Keynote Speaking

You can email me and request for my latest media kit and we can take it forward from there.


Digital Business Auditing and Strategy Consulting

One of my interests since the start has been to support and work with SMEs to rewire and optimize their digital strategy for growth. I can help you put down a growth plan for your brand for immediate and future use.


Fireside Chat

Open for conversations with brands, companies, and people who like to discuss future possibilities, the next big thing and how can we be ready.

Learn & unlearn

Digital Seminars & Workshops

My experience in working with SMEs have lead me to prepare a framework for growth that can be leveraged by any business. I talk about these growth hacks in these engaging seminars and workshops.


Awarded. Honoured. Featured.

My work has been extentively been features, covered by leading platforms and even publishers for their nature and style of work.

You Think we can do something

Let's talk?

The fastest way to speak to me would be a quick WhatsApp Message, Email and then a call. Pick what you like.